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An inexpensive way of transferring huge files
An inexpensive way of transferring huge files

An inexpensive way of transferring huge files

No doubt, there are many different ways of transferring data between two systems but what are the viable options when it comes to a huge file bunch of 20 GB or more. This tutorial will give you an idea how to transfer huge files by following simple steps. Windows operating system provides the utility to share files and folders with other systems on the condition that it is linked through a network. In case your PCs are not networked, the best solution to this problem is to transfer data with the help of a cable having RJ45 connectors on both the ends.

What prerequisites you require?

  • First of all you must have a LAN cable that can be purchased from any hardware shop easily.
  • The second thing is to have connectors. RJ45 connectors are used to connect computers. Be careful that both of the connectors are punched correctly with cable, otherwise there may be a problem during the process.
  • Third and most important thing is that there must be a LAN/Ethernet card in both the computers. On the Ethernet card there is a port that is known as Ethernet port.

How to do it?

Here are few simple steps you should follow in order to transfer your data from one computer to another:-

  • Start or boot both your computers and insert each connector into respective computer’s port i.e one connector into the first computer and other into the second. Make sure you enter both the connectors in Ethernet ports.
  • You will find that both the computers will show up a network connection.
  • Go to Network and Sharing Center and enable file sharing.
  • When you will enter in Network and Sharing Center, you will see a list of PCs linked through a network. Open it and enter the username and password of the computer, to which you are transferring the files.

P.S- You have to keep your data into a folder that you want to share or transfer to other computer. This folder may be anywhere in the Hard Drive.

  • Right click the folder and open the properties. Then go to the Sharing tab and click on advanced sharing.
  • A new window will appear and there will be a check box that reads Share this Folder. Just check it and click on Apply button.
  • It will take some time to process or may take even more time if your data is in large amount, so be patient.

You will get a notification as soon as the procedure has been done with.

A few cautions!

There are certain cautions that you must consider while doing all this. Few important things are given below.

  • When all the files have been transferred, make sure you empty the folder containing it. It is not necessary but a good practice, as your privacy remains disclosed.
  • Disable the file sharing option of folder if you do not want to empty your sharing folder.

Transfer of files by means of an external hard drive is another option but people don’t prefer it due to the cost involved.

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